EXC1ED Standard Series    1" gage length    max 1.3"w. by 3/8" t. flat  readings of 0.0005"

Extensometer Type EXF
The extensometer consists of a body which houses precision bearings, precision ground sliding members, an LVDT, and a clamping system. The sliding member carries a clamping device, and a movable core. the instrument is attached to a specimen a pre-set gage length. Adjustable spring loaded clamps secure round of flat specimens. As the specimen elongates, the clamping members, which have been selected to conform to the specimen characteristics, continue to apply clamping pressure. With associated electronic instrumentation, a measuring range can be set over which the full scale analog may be obtained. This range may be any part of the full range of the instrument. this enables the user to perform precise measurements over short ranges by using either gage length, the instrument functions over a wide range of applications for elastic or inelastic specimens. The Auto-zero function of the optional instrumentation allows custom setting of gage lengths within the range of the extensometer.

EXF1DT  Long Range LVDT Extensometer
              Standard Series    1" or 1/2"gage length    max 1.3"w. by 3/8" t. flat

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