Column Test Fixture CT
There are three sets of fixtures. One set is for testing fixed end columns. Another set is for testing free end columns. The last set is for testing hinged end columns. The fixtures are sold in matching sets, yet they are interchangeable to allow for combination testing. The fixtures are used in compression mode in universal testing machines.  The use of these fixtures permits extraction of data from tests which show dramatically the benefits of designs using single configurations and their combinations. Specimens for  these fixtures are available.


EEECO extensometers and troptometers have certain accessories that enhance their use and expand their value by making them equivalent to other specific instruments. Toward this end the extensometers can have their fixed gage length changed by attaching an appropriate accessory, the same applies to the extensometers. In addition the extensometers can be adapted to various specimen configurations. Power supplies and readouts are available for those instruments that use differential transformers

Extensometer accessories are available for the models listed
Gage length adapters are available for the following units: EXA2, EXB2
Flat specimen adapters are available for the following units: EXA2. EXB2, EXC1, EXF1
Power supply/readout is available for the following units: EXA2DT,EXB2DT,EXF1DT,EXG1.5DT

Troptometer accessories    Gage length adapters for: TRA5DR
                                          Power supply/readout for: TRB5DT


EEECO offers a  wide range of physical test specimens to meet your needs. Standard ASTM  specimens and those compatible with a number of existing testing machines are available. EEECO can also furnish specimens according to your specifications and with materials you supply.

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